“Carousel” by The Stages of Sleep

Check out their single, “A Dagger, a Thorn, and a Splinter” below.

For more info head over to their website at TheStagesofSleep.com

I’m a sucker for albums.

An album can bring you along an extended journey that most three-minute songs can’t even fathom. It’s a much more enriched experience to dive into the world of an artist through a collection of songs rather than just a single track here and there.

It’s these emotionally dense albums that anchor themselves to a period of time in your life. Maybe you look back on Christmas and think of a certain artist. Maybe you have a certain album you listen to when summer begins. I know my college days are Morning View by Incubus on repeat.

“Carousel”, by the Stages of Sleep, is one of these albums.

And let me preface this with some context — I’ve been listening to Justin Timberlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds” the past week and prior to that, Green Day’s newest release “!Duo!,” so the Stages of Sleep’s “alternative experimental gypsy rock” style is slightly outside my normal listening palette.

The reason I mention this is because “Carousel” is not only an experiment on the genre’s they call themselves — it’s an excursion for my tastes as well. And boy, it’s an awesome ride.

Cinematic. Heartfelt. Jazzy. Dark. Certain parts of songs will have you wishing you were romantically engaged with your loved ones (Carousel). Other songs will have you feeling like you’re being suspended on the edge of a nightmare, tense and exciting, sitting on the edge of your seat (The Dining Dead). The track Ipcress is what I imagine a dream sounds like.

“Carousel” is surreal.

If I had to nit-pick something, it would be that this album isn’t for everyone considering the genre-bending and flavor of the music. Not everyone’s going to be interested in what sounds like Gogol Bordello singing for an even more psychedelic Radiohead.

Then again, who needs everybody?

For those of you in the Bay Area, the Stages of Sleep will be having a CD release show at The Neck of the Woods (SF) on December 7th. Get the details at the facebook event page.


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