Motivation and Inspiration Do Not Exist

There is no such thing as Motivation and Inspiration.

Okay, I am being a bit dramatic. These things do exist, but for our purposes it’s best to pretend they don’t.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve come to accept a lack of motivation or inspiration as a legitimate excuse as to why we can’t work — as if you need them to make music.

No. Art is blood. Art is your heart weeping begrudgingly onto a medium. Art is expression and resistance.

I find that reading motvational tips — looking for motivation blog posts — is glorified procrastination. You think, by reading said material, you’ll learn some secret tip to get working — to let the creative breeze blow.

Well, I’m here to tell you:

There are no tricks.

Work gets done when you do it.

Work gets done when you do it.

Work gets done when you do it.

Stop worrying about how to motivate yourself. Stop whining that you’re not inspired.

What do you have you control over? Your will. The artist who masters his will is the victor. Waiting on motivation or inspiration to strike is a defensive strategy — a losing strategy.

Be offensive. Force it. The most powerful tool an artist has at his disposal is his will. His fortitude. His ability to put in the effort.

This is difficult. We are constantly inundated with information, stimulus, and distractions. The internet is the ultimate rival for an artist trying to get something done.

You want motivation? You want inspiration?

Turn your phone off and put it in another room.

Kill your internet. Let it rest for awhile. Facebook and Twitter will be there when you return.

Lock your door. Do your rituals. And get the fuck to work. You’ll be happily surprised when facing boredom and staring at a ceiling how easy it is to work on something.


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